Shaping the future of telematics and IoT

This is the first global annual competition of IoT projects focused
on telematics solutions. Introduce your best solutions to the community, promote your company on the market, and reinforce your expert reputation
in the industry.

Acceptance of applications is over.

The IoT project of the year award ceremony, which was planned
for August 13, is postponed until September 3.

About the competition
In 2020, Gurtam expands the list of its awards. The IoT project of the year award joins Wialon TOP 50 Global and GPS Hardware Manufacturers TOP 10. Other providers of telematics solutions can take part in it alongside Wialon partners.

The best monitoring projects will get the IoT project of the year award, one award per each of 16 nominations. The hardware and software that helped you enhance the client's business don't matter as well as the number of units you monitored, be it tens or thousands of them – we are waiting for your application.

Make your company's best IoT solutions known to the professional telematics community!
All projects will be distributed across 16 nominations. The participating company can submit one project per nomination. The vote in the Community Сhoice nomination will be organized in 2021.
Long-haul shipping
Cold chain transportation
Local deliveries
Public transport
Waste management
Fuel transportation and storage
Construction and demolition
Ready-mix concrete
Home and office services
Security personnel
Public safety
Personal monitoring
Stationary objects
Special recognition
Participating projects
The companies wanting to take part in the competition can submit one as well as several projects. In the latter case, it will show the company's expertise and experience in different industries. More projects – more chances to win! Look through the projects already submitted by other companies.
Why participate?
Winning and participation are equally important. All the participants will get their share of attention in the competition! We will:
  • publish all the projects in the Gurtam use cases library in two languages
  • weekly mail the news with the participants' projects
  • tell about the projects in all the offline and online Gurtam channels
Winners will get:
  • Projects publication on the Gurtam blog
  • Exclusive interviews
  • PR in all the Gurtam channels
  • Participation in the online award ceremony
  • Lovely presents
  • The right to use the winner title for their promo

Join the IoT project of the year
award ceremony
Participation rules
Telematics IoT projects can take part in the competition if they meet the following requirements:
  • The project implementation took place within the period from January 1, 2019, to May 1, 2020
  • The project information that you submit in the application form should be confirmed in writing by the end-user (the template is available)
  • For Wialon partners, the data on the end-user who ordered the implementation should be filled in on
Each nomination allows one project per company. However, you can participate in several nominations to show your business's entire range of options.
Jury experts
Major experts from among the Gurtam specialists will evaluate each project by the given criteria and define the winner in each nomination.
Denis Grebennikov
Head of Jury, CIS Business Development Director, Gurtam
Aliaksandr Kuushynau
Сhief Wialon Officer, Head of Wialon Division, Gurtam
Sergey Govorunov
Wialon Implementation Consultant (Africa), Gurtam
Yuliya Komarova
Head of Technical Consulting, Gurtam
Ekaterina Grib
Technical Consulting Engineer, Gurtam
Olga Shevtsova
Wialon Implementation Consultant, Gurtam
Darya Zhardzetskaya
Business Development Manager (Africa), Gurtam
Katsiaryna Klopava
Business Development Manager (CIS), Gurtam
Show more
Olga Filonchuk
Head of International Business Development Center, Gurtam
Victoria Suskova
Product Manager, Gurtam
Pavel Chabatarou
Wialon Trainer, Gurtam
Vitaly Zelenia
Developer, Gurtam
Tatsiana Vorobyova
Support Engineer, Gurtam
Katsiaryna Papok
Business Analyst / Product Manager, Gurtam
Vladimir Tihonchuk
Deputy Head of HW Department / HW Specialists Team Lead, Gurtam
Valeriya Zinkevich
Regional Development Manager (Middle East), Gurtam
Andrey Verezubov
Support Engineer, Gurtam
Igor Dubenok
Technical Consulting Engineer, Gurtam
Dmitry Posadski
Head of Implementation Team / Deputy CIS Business Development Director, Gurtam
Maria Tkachenko
Regional Manager, Gurtam
Nastassia Maslovskaya
Business Analyst, Gurtam
Diana Cheley
Wialon Hosting Expert, Gurtam
Alesia Husarava
Regional Development Manager, Gurtam
Yury Piatrousky
Developer, Gurtam
Anna Satishur
Business Development Manager (Europe), Gurtam
Anna Demina
VP of Business Development, North America, Gurtam
Karina Lukyanova
BizDev Manager (Middle East), Gurtam
Javokhir Vapaev
Regional Development Manager (Middle East), Gurtam
Anna Anistratova
Regional Development Manager (APAC), Gurtam
Rostislav Adutskevich
Support Engineer, Gurtam
Aleksandra Dikan
Business Analyst, Gurtam
Andrew Nelson
Partner Success Manager, Gurtam
Valery Cherkasova
Business Development Manager (Europe), Gurtam
Kwok Wing Cheung
Technical Account Manager Coordinator (North and Latin America), Gurtam
Oleg Zharkovsky
Deputy Head of Technical Consulting / Wialon Trainers Team Lead, Gurtam
Kseniya Dolia
Technology Partners Community Manager, Gurtam
Vladislav Korneliuk
Support Engineer, Gurtam
Aliaksandr Buslo
HW Specialist, Gurtam
Anton Fedosenko
Regional Manager, Gurtam
Anton Tikhonov
Wialon Implementation Consultant, Gurtam
Maksim Pliachyshchyk
Wialon Mobile Expert, Gurtam
Sergey Novikov
Technical Consulting Engineer, Gurtam
June 15 – July 30
Projects submission
Projects evaluation and publication on the website
September 3
Winners announcement and award ceremony is postponed until September 3
September 10
Publication of competition results
About Gurtam
Gurtam is the global software developer with offices in Minsk, Moscow, Boston, Dubai, and Buenos Aires. The company's flagship product is Wialon, the platform for GPS monitoring and IoT. According to Berg Insight research agency, Wialon is the leading GPS monitoring system in Eastern Europe and Russia.
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